General Information

  • City General information:
  • The Maltese islands comprise (Malta, Gozo ,Comino)
  • From1st May 2004 Malta enter to the union European.
  • Most density populated countries.
  • The capital of Malta is Valletta, is the smallest national capital in the European union.
  • Official languages: English and Maltese
  • Official Religion: Roman Catholicism
  • Currency: Euro
  • Geographic information’s

    Malta’s great strategic location: Located between Europe and north Africa and at the commercial crossroads linking Europe. Malta enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate.

  • Economy and Investment

    The island’s small, open economy and trade is of vital importance to the economy and the country’s exposure to international commerce and services which attack the section of tourism.

  • Society

    • With a population around 500.000
    • Most Maltese people Catholics with influences family life and relationships with exist of lot of Muslim people in the latest period such Libyan citizens.
  • Culture and tradition

    The Maltese culture was influential British culture, and Arabic culture of the north African countries and the Maltese language is a Semitic language to Arabic Language.

  • People and politic

    • People

      Malta’s population is also one of the most polically active in Europe with elections seeing voter turnout regularly exceeding 90%.

    • Politic

      • The island is a parliamentary representative democratic republic, in which executive powers.
      • Current President of the Republic of Malta:
         Her Excellency Mrs. / Marie Louis Coleiro Preca from April 2014.