Word from the Ambassador Mr. Ali Bin Saad Al-Kharji

First of all , I would like to take this opportunity to express my warmest thanks and gratitude to His Highness Sheikh / Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani – Emir of the state of Qatar and his highness the Emir Father Sheikh  / Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani “May God Bless them” , for giving me their trust and confidence to represent and serve my country abroad.
It was my great honour to open and establish the first Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Republic of Malta, on 20th November, 2013.
Since that day, I have been working to strengthen the diplomatic relations between the two countries. I am keen also to communicate with the high level officials in the country, and on setting good relations based on respect and brotherhood which is the principle that our beloved country is trying to build all over the world.
I strongly believe that friendship relations are very important in diplomacy. I am always interested in setting excellent relations with ministers, government officials, Ambassadors and Heads of Missions accredited in the country, also with representatives of diplomatic missions. One of the factors that helped me to fulfill successfully my duties in the country, is paving good ties with officials in all fields, and with the most prominent businessmen.


Ali Bin Saad Al-Kharji

Qatar's ambassador in Valletta, Malta

Date of Birth:17/0/1950

Date of Nomination in the Ministry:11/08/1976

Scientific Qualification and Date:Baccalaureate in Political Science, Michigan University, USA in 1976

Practical Experience

  • Work in the Embassy of the State of Qatar in London during the period from 30/05/1978 until 17/09/1986.
  • Work in The Embassy of The State of Qatar in Madrid during the period from 18/09/1986 till 11/11/1989
  • Work in The Embassy of The State of Qatar in Washington during the period from 04/10/1990 until 28/08/1995.
  • Work in The Embassy of The State of Qatar in Madrid during the period from 29/08/1995 until 30/06/1999.
  • Designed Ambassador of The State of Qatar in Cuba considered from 01/10/2001, as yet
  • Participate in many regional and international objects.

Current Diplomatic Status

Obtained many upgrades until he reached the rank of Ambassador considered from 01/01/2002

Marital Status

Married, he have three boys and four girls.